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Talking Couch - Making mental health services easily available for all.

Launched: 12th August 2014
Web site: Visit

The Talking couch business model.


Talking Couch is a site that is designed to allow people with mental health or relentionship issues to find a counsellor. A user:

  1. Registers with the site;
  2. Chooses a therapist from a range of verified psychologists;
  3. Schedules an appointment;
  4. Meets the counsellor online via an secure audio-video link to work through their issues;
  5. They can also enter information into the tracking system which is available for the counsellor to view. This allows the counsellor to track how the user has been doing since the last meeting.

This has the advantage of being less stressful for the user. There is no need to use public transport which is useful for:

  • people who are anxious about using public transport;
  • people who have mobility issues;
  • people who are worried about meeting someone they know on the way to the hospital and having to explain where they are going.


  • HTML5, Foundation CSS framework and PhotoShop;
  • Java: Spring, Struts2 and Hibernate;
  • Apache Flex and GraniteDS with Tide;

HTML and the Foundation CSS framework allow for a fully responsive user experience. Whether the user is using a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer the site will render in an easy to use manner.

The Java frameworks handle the tricky backend work such as MVC, buisiness logic and middleware. It is all tied into a MySQL database.

The Apache Flex framework allows for a client/server model to be created between the user's browser running the Flex application and the server. This reduces the number of page loads as the user is now running a application in their browser and the page never needs to be reloaded. The technology that allows this to work is the Granite Data Services (GraniteDS) framework. GraniteDS sends messages from the browser to the server without requiring a page reload as is needed in a standard request/response cycle framework such as AJAX.